artist statement

Sue PayneI've lived in Napa Valley since I was a year old. As I look back at my life, I see a constant connection to art in some form or another. I've been a Window Displayer since 1980. In 1997 I was searching for the perfect pair of earrings for my class reunion. None was to be found, so I figured I'd make my own. That was the beginning of my love affair with designing jewelry.

As I experimented, I was drawn toward unique pearls, quality semiprecious stones and silver, especially Thai silver. I love the intricate carvings and stamped designs that represent each individual tribe.

Through trial and error I've learned to design pieces that I would enjoy wearing myself. This allows me to honor my true creativity, instead of producing something just to sell. That's what makes it my art. If someone else loves it, I'm flattered, but my purpose is to generate unique designs that evolve and change as I do.

contact information

Sue F. Payne
phone: 707.252.4050